Rules and Regulations

Starlight Treasure Hunt

On November 4th, Starlight will launch the first Starlight Treasure Hunt to individuals who have paid a $20 donation to participate. Starlight will release five missions (clues) to the contestants at a predetermined time every day for 13 straight days through the Goosechase app.
  1. Once their donation is paid, contestants must install the Goosechase app on their phone/tablet/laptop and use the access code Starlight provides via email to register to participate in the Starlight Treasure Hunt. 
  2. You can download the app at , in the App store, or wherever you download your apps. 
  3. New contestants may sign up at anytime throughout the game by paying the $20 donation, signing onto the game then playing past missions until caught up.
  1. The five daily missions are related to one specific location in Canada.
  2. Each day has five new missions related to a new location.
  3. 100 points will be awarded for each mission completed correctly with a maximum of 500 points to be awarded daily.
  4. The contestants will know immediately if their guesses are correct. There is no limit to guesses.
  5. Contestants can see their own point scores as well as the scores of their competitors, adding to the competition.
  6. Contestants cannot see the mission submissions of their competitors unless it is a photo or video submission.
  7. Starlight will communicate with the contestants on an ongoing basis through the app. By participating in the Starlight Treasure Hunt, each participant agrees to these rules. Starlight reserves the right to add or subtract points, without notice, to or from a participant if there is suspicion of cheating/foul play.
  1. One Grand Prize will be awarded to the contestant/contestants with the most points at the end of the Starlight Treasure Hunt.
  2. If there is a tie, Starlight will put the contestant names in a draw.
  3. The winner will know they won through the standings in the App, but Starlight will reach out via email for congratulations and contact information.
  4. Prizes are final. No returns or exchanges will be issued. All items are “as is”.
  5. In accepting the prize, the winner, acknowledges that Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada may not be held liable for any loss, damages or injury associated with accepting or using the prize. 
  6. Employees of Starlight Children's Foundation and such employees' immediate family members and persons with whom such employees reside are excluded from this contest.
Tax Receipts:
  1. Tax receipts will be issued by Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada, in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, for all monetary donations made through the 2020 Starlight Treasure Hunt.
  1. Visit the FAQ section with any queries.
  2. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact